Una de las razones de la escasez: la persistencia de la epidemia.

Out of stock reason three: after 2020 new products on the computing power requirements increased significantly.

Previously, cars didn't need chips, but the new cars that have come out recently, a little bit more high-end cars, need chips.

Especially after 2020, more than 150,000 cars also added battery management, driving force and braking force control, steering control, image processing, artificial intelligence and other chips, far greater than the previous demand for chips.

If you take mobile phones as another example, the sales volume of JRX003434 in 2013 is almost double that of 2020, but if you count the number of chips in mobile phones, the flagship phones in 2020 will need more.

Wireless charging, 5G baseband, audio, NFC chips and many camera modules are all new.

What's more, today's personal artificial intelligence robotic devices also need chips.

Of course, demand for chip capacity has skyrocketed following the recent rise in the price of bitcoin,

TSMC's third biggest customer is Bitmain, a mining machine maker.

For BTC mainland, he can increase the price of Taiwan electricity unlimited, such as Taiwan Semiconductor you produce a car chip time can earn 10,000, BTC mainland can give you 20,000 can also, as long as you can give me the capacity, because today on the market to sell 60-70 thousand BTC mining machine production cost only more than 10,000 yuan.

That's several times the premium.

However, enterprises like Samsung and TSMC must not only focus on profits to achieve such a scale, but also need to undertake certain social responsibilities. In terms of the current market demand, chips for cars and mobile phones and computers are more scarce, so the chips for Bitcoin mining can only be placed at the back.

Ok, listen to me, you may feel the light is less than the actual circumstances of the market out of stock, and then give you a real case, our she teacher, in January 2021, I raised on salted fish a graphics have been used for two years, have been taken for 10 seconds, and paid immediately, video to check the goods, after 10 minutes let the little elder brother take the motion.

Within 10 minutes of him contacting me, three other people had contacted him with a higher offer.

In this way, in those days spend 9000 dollars to buy a piece of graphics card, with the price of 7800 dollars was snatched instantly.

Now the market is still, a card is difficult to find, all in the script lying on the salted fish card.

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